" Each day of our lives we make deposits in the

memory bank of our children"

~ Charles Rozell Swindoll


Childhood memories and the emotions they evoke are so impressionable that we all as parents want to give the best possible to our children - these could be the smallest of pleasures or an unforgettable holiday with adventure and new experiences or just a happy healthy day without any illness. Today, allergies seem to be one of the major reasons for frequent sickness in little children – did you ever think that it could be from the ‘clothes’ they are wearing all day?


Aavik Clothes are

  • 100% Organic Cotton

  • Natural & Comfortable on delicate skin

  • Stylish

  • Sustainable, Ethical 

  • Hand Spun, Hand Woven, Natural Dyes

  • Designed in Singapore and Made in India


Our colors and hand block prints reflect the Values of Joy, Mischief, Adventure and Freedom which each child deserves!


Dr. Sairupa Krishnamurti, Canada

(Naturopathic doctor, Ayurveda, fertility, perinatal, paediatrics, family healthcare, nurturing medicine)

Thank you for the beautiful Aavik dress for my daughter. We couldn’t love it more. The block print with natural dyes & 100% organic cotton fabric are gorgeous! Love the work you do and personally I will recommend organic clothing to all those who want to go the natural and healthy way of living


Our clothes are free from hazardous pesticides or chemicals and are treated with anti-bacterial plants such as neem, holy basil, clove, turmeric, etc helping to remove any sort of allergens.


We support communities and feel responsible for their social upliftment, health and well-being.


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