Aavik Organic clothing are unique & stylish designs for your babies and kids. Our collection caters to ages 6 months onwards. All our products are 100% organic cotton, handwoven fabric, colored with natural fruit, flower & vegetable dyes and printed with the age-old art of hand block printing - soft and comfortable to wear. You may check out our Shop page to place orders.

We also treat our clothes with anti-bacterial plants such as neem, holy basil, clove, turmeric, etc making them allergen free & a safe fabric for health, especially for the delicate skin of babies & children.​ We use the age old traditional art of hand block printing using wooden blocks which is a very slow and time consuming technique done by our specialized local artisans. Since everything is done by hand and precision all the time may not be possible - hence you might notice some imperfections or smudges. Even our fabric is hand spun and hand woven, not machine made which again might have a few imperfections in the weave - well that's what makes every Aavik piece unique and lovable! 

We adore to see when our customers share pictures of their kids in our clothes. The little Aavik Tribe grows each day giving sustainable fashion a fresh new look! 

For more information, contact us at aavikorganic@gmail.com or +65-98121246