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‘Aavik Sustainable Moms’ Series - 2

Bringing to you from the Aavik Tribe, our second sustainable mom - Nina Devouge, a Singaporean mom who is a green blogger & a wellness warrior. In 2015 when she became pregnant, she started to get really sensitive to some of the commonly used shampoos found in the supermarket or pharmacies. So she made her own which gave her more control over what went in her body through the skin. She believes in using clean and natural ingredients and doing simple swaps saving money and helping reduce waste.


Nina says –

“Hi everyone, I am Nina honestgreenmama. About 5 years ago, we discovered that there was statistics that showed that a new born had around 200 plus chemicals that existed in their umbilical cord – that shook something deeply within us as we were pregnant and we started to think how we can actually remove a lot of the toxic chemicals that had hidden endocrine disruptors, hormone disruptors, products that were containing chemicals that cause skin allergies & breathing allergies, away from our home as we were bringing a new born into this world. We started then ditching all the toxins and switching to much more natural products and now we pretty much do everything ourselves and affordably. This is what it means to us to live sustainably – sustainably for the mind, sustainably for our skin and health and sustainably not only for our wallets but also for our planet. As we are talking about sustainability, its just as important for us as we think about clothes that we also consider who makes our clothes and what kind of conditions they were made under on top of whether they were made with organic material. I think its really important today as we are more connected than ever in this global economy to really think through every single time we purchase a product about the lifecycle of that product and the conditions of which this was made. So, I highly encourage you to think about this the next time we make a purchase. Thank you!”



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