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'Aavik Sustainable Moms' Series - 3

Featuring our third sustainable mom from the Aavik Tribe – Mathilde Moyell Juul, a Danish mom to three is the founder of a green lifestyle platform guide called Orgayana. Growing up in Denmark, Mathilde lived in a house with a vegetable garden, fruit trees, compost and recycling bins. She used to carry her own bag when going to the super market and returned used bottles and cans to the store for recycling. Mathilde is very passionate about living a green and healthy life and through her digital platform, Orgayana shares useful articles, videos, podcasts and tips to all who want to lead a more sustainable life. Let’s hear a little from her.

Mathilde says –

“Hi everyone, I am Mathilde founder of Orgayana. If you don’t know Orgayana – it’s an online platform for health and sustainable lifestyle. You can find articles, videos and podcasts where we give you all the important tips on how to live more sustainable and healthy. So, I think with having kids – 10 years ago I had my first out of three and bringing sustainability into my life became even more important. We all know the state of the planet and how urgent it is that we all do something. Knowing that you brings kids into this life and onto this planet and what the future might hold for them, I feel that we definitely have a responsibility. So, the little green steps - starting off with doing the little things like just bringing your bag to the supermarket, or bringing your own bottle or your own coffee cup is what we started doing. And then we evolved and did more – we did quite a few videos trying to show what we as a family do to use the different Rs, whether its reusing and up-cycling, recycling of course but most of all reducing. So, reducing is the number one we try and do in our family. It’s not always easy but it’s about taking little steps and not be too overwhelmed because it’s really easy to get overwhelmed about the situation today. So, that’s what we are trying to do and trying to convey to other families as well. Of course one of the big things to thin about when trying to live more sustainably as a family is looking at what we wear. When the kids were lot younger, I very much looked into different organic labels when I was in Denmark. When I came to Singapore, this proved to be a bit harder but I found great labels such as Aavik – was not there at that time but now is and thank god and other great brands that I could buy for my kids. But mostly what we have done is to hand down clothes to others and use handed down clothes for my own kids. So what we need to remember is that there is no planet B!”



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