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Woolly, the baby mammoth

Once during Ice Age thousands of years ago, in Alaska there lived a baby mammoth named ‘Woolly’. He had tusks that had three rings which meant he was 3 years old. One day when Woolly was drinking water from a river in the forest, he noticed that a pre-historic human was staring at him. He got so scared that he quickly ran to his mumma. Few days later, while playing Woolly spotted a beautiful colorful butterfly – he chased it and didn’t realise that he came a bit too far. He found himself at an unknown place and started to cry. Just then that same pre-historic human (his name was Toto) came and asked Woolly why he was sad. At first, Woolly was scared but Toto told him that he wants to be Woolly’s friend and help him out and that he will not harm him in any way. Woolly agreed and started to walk with Toto talking about how he lost his way. Toto took Woolly to a cave where he used to live and showed Woolly a drawing on the wall that Toto had carved using a stone. The drawing was of ‘Woolly’! Woolly was so happy to see his drawing that he started to dance & twirl. Toto then fed Woolly some plants and took him back to the place where his family lived deep into the forest. Woolly was elated to meet his mumma & daddy at last. AND, Woolly & Toto had made each other friends for life 😊

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Woolly, the baby mammoth



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