Natural & Organic


• Perfect for our children - safe for skin, comfortable & durable

• Perfect for our planet - Renewable, Soil conservation & Reduces environmental pollution

• Perfect for our farmers - Growing organic cotton is the most natural way of farming without use of harmful pesticides 



• Organic cotton has less chance of creating skin rashes or eczema. It is a hypoallergenic fabric, ideal for those prone to allergies or skin irritations.

• All-weather friendly fabric - can add protection from the heat in warmer temperatures and keep the wearer warm in cooler temperatures

• Breathable and has the ability to transfer moisture away from the skin at a quicker rate than synthetic fabrics



• No use of harmful chemicals and pesticides

• Natural Dyeing using vegetables, flowers & fruits 

• Anti-allergic treatment with herbal trees and plants like neem, holy basil, turmeric 

We are helping in reducing the carbon, water and chemical footprint by adopting the use of a more sustainable fiber.

Organically grown cotton and natural colors provide a positive sustainable solution for our planet and our future generations - it is our responsibility to make a difference and be conscious of the choices (the right choices!) we are making everyday.

We are also very mindful of the communities we work with and want to take care of their social upliftment, their health and well being -  farmers who are growing organic cotton, local artisans, weavers, printers and our dyers. We are procuring the organic cotton directly from grass root farmer associations without any commercial traders in the middle. Aavik collection is stitched by underprivileged women who are trying to make a more financially stable living for their families. We make sure that all our workers have safe and healthy working conditions and are paid fairly.

My passion is to bring together a community of like-minded parents and create awareness about the benefits of organic cotton and natural dyed clothing for their children - a safer, healthier and a more sustainable way of living for our little fashionistas!

Aditi Singla, Founder Aavik 

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