Today, skin allergies in babies & kids are one of the major reasons for them frequently falling ill. Clothing dermatitis, eczema or rashes are manifestations on skin by either reaction to the fiber itself or to the additives used in processing the fabric such as pesticides, artificial colors, azo dyes, finishing agents, and other highly toxic chemicals.

Childhood memories and the emotions they evoke are so powerful that we all as parents want to give the best possible to our children - these could be the smallest of pleasures or an unforgettable holiday with adventure and new experiences or just a happy healthy day without any illness. With Aavik Organic clothing for babies & kids, you can be rest assured that it is a pure organic kids wear brand free from any sort of hazardous chemicals - we use only 100% organic cotton, natural dyes and handwoven handloom fabric. Organic cotton is safe for the delicate skin of children as it's breathable and has the ability to transfer moisture away from the skin at a quicker rate than any synthetic fabric. It is allergen free and ideal for those prone to allergies or skin irritations.

Why Organic

• Growing organic cotton is the most natural way of farming without use of harmful pesticides 

• Caring for the health and well-being of our farmers

• No pollution 

• Adopting organic wear helps to achieve a sustainable present and future 

Safe & Healthy


• No use of harmful chemicals and pesticides 

• Natural Dyes using vegetables, flowers & fruits giving healing properties for skin 

• No skin rashes or eczema 

• Allergen-free

• All-weather friendly fabric - adds protection from the heat in warmer temperatures and keeps warm in cooler temperatures

Sustainable Fashion


• Fashion can be environment friendly 

• You must know how and where your clothes are made

• Be a responsible shopper and teach your kids too to help give back to Mother Earth

Let's take a look at the journey of Fiber to Fabric...

Ginning & Hand Spinning: a process of separating the cotton fiber from the cotton seeds, then twisting the cotton together using a charkha (spinning wheel) to make yarn.  

Hand Weaving: a process of making textiles by interlacing fiber threads using a hand loom which helps in holding the threads tightly as they are being woven.

Block printing on the fabric: our craftsmen hand print lovable and playful patterns by means of incised wooden blocks very precisely on to the fabric using only natural eco-friendly, azo free, non toxic vegetable and fruit dyes. Block printing is one of the slowest printing processes and each impression is done again and again a number of times. Everything is done by hand and precision all the time may not be possible - hence you might notice some imperfections or smudges. Even our fabric is hand spun and hand woven, not machine made which again might have a few imperfections in the weave - well that's what makes every Aavik piece unique and lovable!

Stitching: each piece is then carefully handmade and stitched at our NGO center that employs underprivileged women whose endeavor is to make a difference to the income levels of their families. We are very mindful of the communities we work with and want to take care of their social upliftment, their health and well being -  farmers who are growing organic cotton, local artisans, weavers, printers, dyers and our tailors. We make sure that all our workers have safe and healthy working conditions and are paid fairly. 

Our natural colors come from: things found in nature like plants, flowers, roots, vegetable & fruit wastes, etc. Plants like indigofera, turmeric root, palash flower, almond leaves, madder root, marigold flower give us blue, bright yellow, reddish yellow, pale green, pink, yellow respectively and many more. 

"Last few years of my life have been transformational since I became a mother and started to get very particular about what my kids would eat, play with and even 'wear' and I decided to start Aavik Organic clothing for babies & kids. My vision is to bring together a community of like-minded people, especially parents and create awareness about the benefits of organic cotton and choosing a safe fabric for the good health of our babies especially in their early growing up years when skin allergies are quite common. I want to make it easy for parents to adopt sustainable fashion for their little fashionistas!"

Aditi Singla, Founder 

For more information, contact us at or +65-98121246