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'Aavik Sustainable Moms' Series - 4

Let's welcome and hear our fourth sustainable mom from the Aavik Tribe - Ambaree, an Indian mum to two and founder of Vegan Keno, a social enterprise. For the past couple of years, she has been continuously investing time and effort into a cause closest to her heart - a 'Plant Based Lifestyle'. She is a speaker and an educator on how our choice of food has a massive impact on our planet and our physical, mental and emotional health.

Ambaree says –

“Hi everybody, my name is Ambaree – I am a speaker and a plant based lifestyle educator. I am a mother of two children. The thing that we are doing for sustainability is to start with we are eating sustainable foods, meaning we eat only plant based diet – it is very popular these days, it’s a diet that is good for human health and for the health of our planet and of course good for the animals. One of the main reasons why we follow this is to reduce our carbon footprint, our ecological footprint rather. Animal agriculture happens to be the largest driver of global warming right now, whether it is greenhouse gas emissions or water usage or deforestation. Animal agriculture is something we cannot ignore when it comes to sustainability. So what we have done as a family is we have eliminated all animal products from our diet, i.e. meat, dairy, eggs and fish. Sustainability is of utmost importance to me because I feel our children when they would be adults, are going to see difficult times with climate change and I want to do my very best so that I am not a contributor to that & neither are they. Leading a sustainable lifestyle is something that needs practice – both my children are on vegan diets and they know how to eat sustainably at different situations of life. Apart from our diet, some of the other things we do is to use less plastic as much as possible – it is challenging to go zero plastic & zero waste but we are on our way towards it. Zero waste is lot harder for me to adopt than being on a vegan diet. I know there are people for whom it’s the other way round. Coming to sustainable clothes – it is very important for me to source clothes that are sustainable. As children outgrow clothes quickly, I think buying something which is planet friendly whether it is clothes or food is very important. As a global citizen of this planet, each of us must strive to do that. Organic cotton is very comfortable and my children are very happy in them in this tropical weather – I would want my kids to wear more of organic cotton and natural fabrics. Thank you!"



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