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Founder Thoughts...

It is sad to look at the garment industry that has been exploiting all of us by providing cheap, low quality, often blended & not pure fabrics loaded with harmful toxic chemical dyes. Imagine these harmful chemicals and dyes our children have to breathe all day – how unhealthy! It is better for children to wear fabric made of organic cotton and natural dyes. As stated by a senior dermatologist at one of the child specialty hospitals in Singapore, “Dressing babies in fabrics that don’t allow sweat to evaporate normally leads to heat rash because their sweat glands, not fully developed, are easily blocked. Instead of evaporating, perspiration remains trapped beneath the skin, causing inflammation and rash.”

I started my journey with a Kickstarter campaign as a proof of concept and the campaign was successfully funded within a month! A big shout out to all our supporters for their love and belief in us. We were in the process of making customized pieces for our supporters but we had few teething issues in our supply chain – we corrected, learnt and soon moved back on track. While things were moving, unfortunately the current covid-19 pandemic environment derailed our timelines but this has further strengthened my belief in the need for a safe, healthy & natural lifestyle. With Aavik Organic, I hope to bring safe clothing for the delicate skin of our children. Sustainable fashion is the way to go for our little fashionistas! And now on popular demand, we have entered into sustainable women collection as well!

Stay safe ~ keep it healthy and natural. That's the least we can do for our future generations & to our Mother Earth :)



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